Swix Snowpath Pole - Junior

Color: Blue
Size: 70cm
Sale price$25.00


Snowpath Junior Pole

Aluminum children's pole This model follows the new measuring system for poles.

  • Aluminum ski pole
  • Perfect for children
  • Robust pole
  • This model follows the new measuring system for poles. This means you can use our size guide to find you're correct length.

Aluminum pole for the youngest ones with new design. The pole comes with the ergonomic SWIX children handle and easy adjustable straps. For safety, the ferrule is made of thermoplastics and has a tip with rounded shape. Large round basket prevents the pole from sinking deep into soft snow. Diameters & lengths Handle 13 mm, basket 13 mm. 70 cm - 105 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use Wherever there is snow.


  • Children's ski pole
  • Swix pole
  • Learn to ski with this pole
  • Swix pole
  • Handle 13 mm,
  • Basket 13 mm.
Body length without boots (cm) Recommmended pole length (mm)
90 cm 0700
95 cm 0750
100 cm 0800
105 cm 0850
110 cm 0900
115 cm 0950
120 cm 1000
125 cm 1050
130 cm 1100
135 cm 1150
140 cm 1200
145 cm 1250
150 cm 1300

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