Samsara Sprint Tights - Women's

Size: X-Small
Color: Navy
Sale price$85.00


Sprint Tights are thoughtfully designed to accommodate women's curves and indoor cycling. They have a higher-rise waist, so your belly won't pop out while bent over on a stationary bike. A higher waist, combined with a lightly compressive fabric, delivers a smoother fit that flatters all body sizes and shapes.

Many women don't wear padded shorts on stationary bikes, but we know you will be more comfortable and have a more robust workout if you do. A suitable chamois increases your stability in the saddle, giving you more power while wicking away moisture and eliminating chafing and soreness. Over time there are also risks of blood flow constraint as our bodies are not meant to support our own weight in that delicate region.

Our founder Janet Hiebert created Samsara because her butt hurt in her daily spin class. She also wanted to express her personal style with her workout clothes. Janet searched high and low in Canada, the USA, and Europe for stylish, high-performance women’s cycling shorts or tights. However, she found only bulky, orthopedic-looking, smaller versions of men's shorts and tights. So, she decided to make her own. No more sore bums!

Our Sprint tights feature a single-density, low-profile chamois scientifically-designed for women's bodies and indoor cycling. Only you'll know the pad is there, so you'll feel confident wearing these tights wherever you need to go after your workout. Our unique construction technology hides the outside chamois stitch lines making your butt look fantastic! 

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