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When it comes to competition at the highest level, every detail counts, and your equipment plays a vital role. Introducing our Pro line, which combines our top technologies with a more affordable price tag compared to the Elite Series. Equipped with the new Alpina PRO classic Sole and ACTIVE GRIP Technology, this boot maximizes the power in every kick, giving you superior performance on the course. With the Elite Gaither system and a carbon-infused heel counter, this boot is built to endure anything you throw at it. Elevate your game with the Pro line - where performance meets value.

When it comes to classic tehnique, every stride counts. The Alpina Pro Classic Sole is meticulously engineered to enhance your classic skiing experience, offering a blend of performance, lightweight design, and durability that sets new standards in cross country skiing. Let's dive into th e remarkable characteristics that make this sole a game changer for enthusiasts of this elegant technique.

Great Force Transmission

The Pro Classic Sole is designed for skiers who demand precise control and optimal force transmission. With each stride, you'll feel the power transfer seamlessly from your legs to the snow, propelling you forward with remarkable efficiency. It's the ulti mate choice for those who appreciate the art of classic skiing.

Lightweight Design

We understand the importance of minimizing weight without compromising performance. The Pro Classic Sole weighs in at a mere 122 grams (sole only), ensuring that your energy is focused on propelling yourself forward, rather than carrying excess weight.

TPU Plastic for Grip and Protection

TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is the material of choice for our Pro Classic Sole, and it's no accident. TPU boasts exceptional characteristics, including high abrasion resistance, low temperature performance, high shear strength, and remarkable elasticity. These qualities ensure a great grip on various surfaces while offering protection against the elements.

Optimal Outsole Bending Curve

The front cleats of the sole feature a precise 90 degree angle, ensuring an optimal outsole bending curve for the classic step. This design allows for a natural and efficient stride, enhancing your overall performance on classic tracks.

Rear Cleats for Energy Transfer

The rear cleats of the sole are thoughtfully designed with a low profile. This ingenious feature facilitates a longer step and significantly improves energy transfer from your legs onto your skis and the snow. You'll experience a smoother glide and better control with each movement.

Dynamic Insert: Precision Crafted with Injected Carbon

Our Pro Classic Sole's essential Dynamic Insert takes your skiing to new heights. Crafted from injected carbon, it's remarkably lightweight yet incredibly durable, built to thrive under pressure. The combination of PEB A X and Carbon fibers optimizes flexibility and control, ensuring a natural stride. Carbon fibers deliver precise control and rapid responses. This fusion of materials gives you the ultimate edge in power, control, and skiing performance.

Active Grip for Precise Control

The Pro Classic Sole features an Active Grip design, where a 10 mm offset enhances the transmission of push off forces. This results in a more precise grip and, subsequently, a shorter waxing zone. You'll enjoy enhanced control and efficiency with every classic stride.

The Alpina Pro Classic Sole represents a fusion of precision engineering, lightweight design, and innovative materials. It's the ideal choice for classic skiing enthusiasts who seek the ultimate in performance and control. Elevate your classic skiing exper ience with the Pro Classic Sole and enjoy the beauty of this timeless technique like never before.

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