Rex G41 Pink/Green UHW Spray +5 to -20/-12 to -20C | 150ml

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In the new fluoro-free racing world, Rex`s redeveloped their HF Line of liquids to keep the speed but lose the fluoros. The G-Line of waxes use a handful of new Rex technologies to speed up fluoro-free waxes such as UHW (increase of durability), N-Kinetic (increased glide properties and dirt repellence), Power Polymers (works with UHW to increase durability), and 2-Step Carrier Solvents (allows application of these new advanced liquid waxes). G41 is a very hard, wear-resistant wax for cold, crusty snow, coarse, wet snow, or icy conditions, between 5°C and -20°C. Great for long distances or alpine where wax resistancy is crucial. Comes in a 150mL spray bottle

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