KV+ Elite QCD Clip Poles

Size: 140
Sale price$197.00



Shaft: 23P403 - 100% carbon (weight +/- 73 g/m)

Weight of assembled pole: 363 g for 150 cm

Length: 130-185 cm, in steps of 2,5 cm

Handle: 22P104.17 (ø 16.5 mm)

Strap: 23P200

Insert & Nut: 8P302 (ø 8.5 mm)

Tip: 20P324.G

Our most popular poles, KV+ Elite Clip professional racing poles are a budget-friendly alternative to Tornado poles. Starting this year, they feature the same Falcon Clip handles, small quick-change racing baskets and Elite clip straps as top-of-the-line Tornado models. At just 15 per cent heavier than Tornado poles, they’re still light enough for almost any skier.  Neutral colours and matt finish makes them match nicely with any other ski gear.

Falcon Clip handles are designed so that the strap fixing point is located exactly in the centre of pole shaft, letting you push off the snow with maximum energy efficiency. Strap enters the grip at an angle what makes pole return to your palm quicker after the push. The handles are covered with synthetic cork for maximum wear resistance.

The ergonomic design of Elite Clip straps gives you full control over the pole and provides ultimate energy transmission to the pole tip while you push. Our cutting-edge clip system allows you to release the pole strap in a second—never struggle with Velcro again. The design is ideal for skiathlon races, as well as for streamlining water breaks as you train.

Quick-changing basket system allows you to install larger baskets or roller ski ferrules (both sold separately) in a matter of seconds!

KV+ poles are measured from the tip of the basket (or roller ski ferrule) to the very top of the handle. The distance between the top of the handle and point where strap enters the handle is 4.5 cm

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