KV+ Tornado Plus Titan Poles

Size: 145
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XC poles, designed for top level skiers. Delivered with 2 different tips. The shafts material allows a good response to the skier's push and provides the poles with an excellent swing. The shafts are reinforced in the bottom with PTT (Python Twist Tech) carbon band to increase stiffnes and provide a better shock resistance. The handles are light and ergonomic for a fast power transmission, with quick strap release (clip system).  The straps are of comfortable fabric, available in 3 sizes (S, M/L, XL). The plastic buckle allows to ajust the size for a perfect fitting. The baskets are very light and ergonomic, with titan tips that give the poles a good movement. They are made of best plastic material that is impact and cold-resistant. Provided with QCS (Quick Change System) for a fast change of tips.


Quick-changing basket system allows you to install larger baskets (which come with poles in addition to small baskets) or roller ski tips (sold separately) in a matter of seconds! Titanium tips make racing baskets 1.5 grams lighter than ones with regular carbide tips, providing extremely light swing weight to the poles.

Shaft: 23P400 - 100% carbon (weight +/- 66 g/m)

Weight of assembled pole: 293g for 150 cm

Length: 130-185 cm, in steps of 2,5 cm

Handle: 22P104.17 (ø 16.5 mm)

Strap: 23P200

Insert & Nut: 8P302 (ø 8.5 mm)

Tip: 20P331 and 7P325

KV+ poles are measured from the tip of the basket (or roller ski ferrule) to the very top of the handle. The distance between the top of the handle and point where strap enters the handle is 4.5 cm

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