Swix Marathon Fluor-Free Glide Wax - Black Powder | 40g

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Swix Marathon Fluor-Free Black Powder | 40g

The Marathon powder is the powder version of the well-known Marathon DHBFF glide wax. Applying the powder is much easier than applying the marathon hard wax, as the powder melts more easily and is easier to scrape off. The abrasion resistance of the product is the same. The grain size of the powder has been thoroughly tested to achieve the best application result and performance for the product. DHP-Black is specially developed for wet conditions and dirty snow. The black additive helps reduce friction and reduces the amount of dirt that sticks to the base. As well as excelling in wet conditions, this powder is highly competitive even in colder weather. Apply a good layer of powder onto the base, then run the iron over twice to ensure all the powder melts. The temperature of the waxing iron should be 160 degrees, and it should take about 5 to 7 seconds to cover the entire length of the ski. After cooling, scrape off the product using a plexi scraper then brush with a steel or bronze brush, and finally polish using the blue nylon brush.

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