Master Wax Racing Manual Kit Fluoro free

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Get all you need for YEARS of fast, safe, environmentally friendly skis! This MasterWax Manual Kit includes the full line of RACING FLUOR-FREE cold apply waxes and the wool applicators you need to apply them. It all comes in a handy, padded travel case, with the 12cm Roto Handle as well. A 20g cold-apply puck can last for dozens of pairs of skis due to how little wax is actually applied, little usage with big performance! The low-dust, non-smoke cold apply waxing system uses the friction generated with the wool applicators to efficiently apply the perfect layer of wax to the ski base. Incredible value! Buying each item individually is nearly $1000. Get your kit today!


    Kit Contains: 20g of Medium, 20g of Transformed, 20g of Cold, 20g of New Snow, 4 Roto Wool Brushes, a 12cm Roto Handle, and a hard-sided travel case.
    • Buying each item individually is much more expensive.
    • Make sure to label your wool applicators with the wax they`re for. Using the same wool applicator for different types of wax is not advised since cross contaminating the wool can negatively affect performance.
    • The 20g MasterWax blocks cover 60-80 pairs of skis


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