MasterWax Racing Transformed Fluor-Free 20g: -4 to - 15C

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Fluoro-free waxing has come to the MasterWax cold apply system! The Racing Transformed wax is designed for transforming and transformed snow. This wax is noticeably better in 2-day-and-older snow when snowflakes have had a chance to transform. Also particularly good in artificial snow. Comes in a 20g block. The cold-apply system of waxing augments the exposure of the ski bases` natural structure and gives a clean platform for rills - which it critical for fluoro-free racing. A 20g cold-apply puck can last for dozens of pairs of skis due to how little wax is actually applied, little usage with big performance!

    Comes in a 20g block. Since the cold-apply waxing method is so efficient with product, you`ll get many pairs of fast skis out of this block.
    • Make sure to label your wool applicators with the wax they`re for. Using the same wool applicator for different types of wax is not advised since cross contaminating the wool can negatively affect performance.

New to transformed snow & man-made snow between -4.0°C and -15.0°C

Orange Conditions - New, Glazing Snow (+5C/-5C)Red Conditions - Coarse, Packing Snow (+5C/-5C)Violet Conditions - Icy, Sugary Snow (0C/-15C)Blue Conditions - Fresh, Powdery Snow (0C/-12C)
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Recommended for these snow ages:

  • New
  • Transforming
  • Transformed
  • Old
  • Icy
  • Man-Made
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Humidity Range: 60% to 95% Relative Humidity

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Certified Fluor-Free!

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