Rottefella Move Switch NIS 2.0&3.0

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The MOVE Switch kit for classic skis lets you dramatically alter the position of your binding on your skis without using a NIS key. Perfect for Loppet and touring skiers who want an easier and safer experience. The Move Switch bindings have 4 positions. When mounted properly, you have one position forward, from the standard position, to give you more grip, and then two positions back, to give you more glide and less skin sticking. The Switch version of the Move Bindings are harder to use on the move, so usually you stop before you move them. With experience, you will be able to move them while in a tuck like you can with the Move Race bindings. They are the best pairing you can get for skin skis in today`s market! This model is for NIS 2.0 and 3.0 binding plates, if you have a NIS 1.0 plate, you will need to get the binding for that plate as it has an extra part. All new Peltonen Skin Skis come standard with Move 3.0 plates for a seemless upgrade to Move Bindings!

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