Swix Repair: Poly Sticks for Ski Base Repair

Color: Black - Individual Stick
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Swix Polyetylen (T1716B / T1706B) | Drip Candle Ski Base Repair

Sold in transparent or black, individually or in packages of 10.
These base repair drip candles are designed to work without a p-tex gun. Simply light the end with a lighter, and once the candle burns cleanly, let the p-tex drip into the part of your ski base that needs repair.
Transparent polyethylene sticks for repairing ski bases. Easy to work with. Ø 6 mm. 4 sticks per pack. First clean the damaged area in the base and scrape out any loose residue. Heat the polystick and drip into the damaged area in the base. Let it cool down and scrape away the excess with a steel scraper, or panzer file if necessary, and polish over with Fibertex for a fine finish.
If you are a professional ski repair technician, or just planning on taking some adventurous off-piste runs that will chunk up your bases frequently, you need this large package of P-Sticks from Swix. The 10 pack of p-tex should hold you over for a while. 
  • For making base repairs on skis
  • 6mm diameter

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