Swix PS5 Turquoise 180g

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Air -10 °C to -18 °C (14 °F to 0 °F)

The PS5 is the hardest wax in the line, and is a great choice in cold conditions, due to its great durability and dry friction properties. It's a great choice both for alpine and cross-country. Despite being a wax for cold conditions, the melting point makes it easier to apply than wax from many competitors in this area, without sacrificing the great glide properties. For fresh, old or manmade snow. When ironing, take approx. 8-10 sec. to cover your ski base. The wax can be reheated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. Scraping after approx. one minute. Important to have a good iron to get an efficient melting of the wax. Replaces the CH5X.

PS5 can be used as a race wax alone or as a base for top coats.

Reco mmended iron temp.: 150 °C (311 °F) "

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