Rode RXLM Racing Extra Med Liquid Flour-Free: -2 to -7C

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The RXL line is the evolution of the RL line but has been further increased performance thanks to the use of fluoro-free additives that increase the speed and shine of the treated ski base. The medium variant is a top choice for mild winter conditions. The RXL line competes with all the top brand`s fluoro-free liquids without costing a fortune. The RXL line gives extra acceleration, extra water and dirt repellence, extra abrasion resistance. It has a very wide range of use as it is suitable for all types of snow: natural or artificial, new or old.

    80mL bottle is capped with a dropper spout to limit spills and increase the precision of the liquid wax application.
    • Includes Fibertex to aid in spreading the liquid wax evenly over the ski base.
    • For best fluoro-free results, apply the day before and let dry overnight. Nylon brush before use.
    • Apply a Rode R-line melt wax as a base for this liquid if you are planning on skiing further than 10 km.
    • Test out different buffing methods to unlock the true potential of these liquids.
    • Fluoro-free!


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