Rode Klister Chola Base K90

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Rode Chola Klister K90 | 60g

An extremely stubborn klister binder. Usually only used as a single thin layer directly on a freshly sanded grip zone. This klister binder is so hard, other klisters and hardwaxes have trouble sticking to it. I`ve had my grip wax wear clean off chola after only 5km. I took off my ski and it looked like there was still lots of wax on the grip zone but I wasn`t getting any grip. Only the Chola was left. It was a very confusing situation until I learned after the race that the Chola was allowed to freeze before the next layers of wax were applied. The moral of the story is: `Don`t freeze the chola!'. Make sure you heat it up a bit so the next layers of wax can bind to the chola. Properly applied, Chola is a favourite amongst wax techs for race base binders.

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