Rode Viola Special Multiograde Grip Wax P46 0 to -6C

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Extremely popular wax, known by the single word `Multigrade` this wax is really grippy. Fantastic for training when you need grip and don`t want to think about it. It`s tough but, this wax almost never glides fast so it makes a poor race wax - but that`s not what it`s for. This is one of the best recreational waxes out there for those just picking up the sport. Vauhti Carrot`s nemesis.

    Comes in a 45g tin (rode calls them `sticks`)
    • This is the P46 hardwax - generally, but not always, the higher the P-value of rode wax sticks, the softer the wax
    • Rode Recommendation for Middle-Europe Snow: 0C/-2C
    • Rode Recommendation for Northern Europe Snow: -3C/-5C
    • 100% FLUOR-FRE


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