Swix Roto Cover w/Suction T15-100mm

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Swix Roto Cover w/Suction T15-100mm

Roto cover with drive shaft and extraction option. Fits 100 mm brushes.

  • Generates a vacuum around the brush that captures virtually all particles.
  • Easy to connect with the L-shaped quick connector.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Reduces dust in the waxing booth.

An ergonomic Roto handle with drive shaft for 100 mm Roto brushes and protective cover that can be connected to extraction. The extraction option provides a significant added value for looking after the working environment in the waxing booth: when the extraction is connected, almost 100% of the small dust particles caused by Roto brushing are removed. Strongly recommended for serious ski waxers.

L-shaped quick coupling for connection to extraction sold separately.

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