Swix Roto Brush 140 mm: Merino Wool - Cold Application | 140mm

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Swix Merino Wool - Cold Application | 140mm

Merino wool 140mm version with 20mm long wool hairs. Perfect for alpine skis and snowboard. A new and revolutionary way of applying waxes without the need of a waxing iron.

The method is tailor-made for harder waxes, such as the Marathon series and is applied onto the skis/snowboard in two simple steps:

1. Start by applying the wax to the roto brush by touching the wax to the wool for a few seconds while running the drill at a speed of approximately 1500 RPM.

2. Put the roto brush on the ski/snowboard base with a speed of approximately 1500 RPM. Use light pressure. Start from the tip of the ski/snowboard and move back and forth approximately a foot at a time towards the tail.

Follow these steps three times.


  • Roto wool
  • Trendy waxing technique
  • Used in World Cup
  • Perfect with fluor-free ski wax
  • Easy to use.
  • No heat needed.

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