Salomon eSkin Pomona Replacement Skin

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Replacement race skins for Salomon eSkin Skis.

The Salomon eSkin system requires no tools to replace your skins. Simply peel out your old eSkin, put in the new one, smooth it down, and you're good to go!

The eSkin Race has the best glide, but if you want better grip try the eskin Grip+

These skins fit the following Salomon ski models:

  S L
S/Lab eSkin All Sizes  
S/Race eSkin 180/188/196cm 201/206cm
S/Max eSkin 180/188/196cm 201/206cm
RC10/9/8/7 eSkin 180/188/196cm 201/206cm
S/Race Jr eSkin 187cm  
Aero Jr eSkin 141/151/161/171cm  

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