Salomon S/RACE eSkingrip- Classic Ski

Size: 206 MED - 77kg to 83kg
Sale price$900.00


Built for skiers looking for race-like speed and confidence no matter the conditions, this skin ski set is perfect for races and all-day events. Delivered in pack, just slide the Shift-In binding on the plate and you will instantly be able optimize your grip and glide while staying on your skis.


An ultralight Nomex construction provides instant acceleration with less effort.

Customize Grip & Glide

While on your skis simply turn the Shift-In button right for more grip, left for more glide or keep it in the “0” position for the best of both worlds.

Secure kick

In the propulsion phase the thin profile of this ski enables you to put full pressure on the skin and experience subtle snow feel and secure kick.


100% MOHAIR skin with equal balance of grip and glide. You can switch it manually if you want to use the eSKINRACE to get into racing mode!


Prolink Shift-In Classic

*Price includes Binding

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