Sprint Crown Classic - Junior

Model: Current Model
Size: 100cm (<25kg)
Sale price$145.00


Fischer Sprint Crown Junior IFP Skis mean that new young skiers can head outside for the fun and sport of Nordic skiing without worry about waxing or weather with this highly versatile ski: Sprint Crown. High-traction Crown base grips and glides in a variety of snow conditions.

Size recommendation: Ski length should be at the height of child, and up to 10cm above child's height. Ability of skier is also a factor in ski length.


Ultra Tuning
Unrestricted gliding. The offset base structure makes the ski fast and suitable for all uses.

Air Channel
Air channels integrated into the fiberglass wood core save weight compared to the pure wood cores and are more resistant to breaking. Better area pressure distribution.

Crown Tec
The sharp-edged, offset step pattern enables reliable climbing in all conditions. Single, Double Crown, or combined system.


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