Star Beta Buff-on Block - Medium: -3°C to -8°C

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STAR BETA MEDIUM - Buff On application - 28g: -3°C to -8°C

The STAR BETA waxes are a race-service fluor-free line of waxes geared to old, dirty snow. The BETA MED block is best for -3°C to -8°C. They use the same base ingredients as the NEXT series but have an additional metallic additive for increased speed in dirty snow. In its first season of racing, it was a popular option for racing, especially in the more Southern Canada races. Star blocks are a speedy topper for cold apply application. Apply block directly onto roto wool applicator, run along ski base for 2-3 passes, then finish with soft nylon. For each NEXT block you use, you should use a separate roto wool applicator. This stops cross-contamination between waxes which may have different additives which may work counter-productively to each other. Make sure to label each wool with which wax it was used with!

Fluoro Free

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