Star Beta Liquid Glide - Warm: 0°C to -5°C

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STAR BETA WARM LIQUID - Sponge applicator: 0°C / -5°C


The STAR BETA waxes are a race-service fluor-free line of waxes geared to old, dirty snow. The BETA Warm is best for 0°C to -5°C. They use the same base ingredients as the NEXT series but have an additional metallic additive for increased speed in dirty snow. The metallic additive makes this liquid black in colour. In its first season of racing, it was a popular option for racing, especially in the more Southern Canada races. Star liquids are fast to dry with only a 1-minute dry time but still have great durability and speed. Finding the max performance for fluoro-free liquids comes from buffing and polishing techniques, find the best one that works for you! Increase the durability by ironing dried liquid onto base.

Fluoro Free

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