Star Next Race Powder - Warm: 0° / -5°C

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  • High-end waxes for competition.
  • Completely free of fluoro.
  • Easy to apply.
  • No product waste.
  • Wide thermal range.
  • Exceptional durability for long distances.

In 1988 STAR reinvented the way to apply wax on skis with a complete line of micronized powder base waxes. Now, with 30 years of experience producing powdered wax, STAR has developed a line of Fluor Free products specifically dedicated for competition. The best synthetic paraffins, combined with the well-known STAR Ceramic additives, make these products unique, guaranteeing unthinkable performance.

Tests have shown that these products maintain their lubricating characteristics for many kilometers even in dirty, abrasive, or difficult snow conditions.

The presentation in micronized powder form makes the application more efficient, with less waste. It is also easier to melt the wax into ski bases, reducing heat related stress on the ski construction. With two grams of Next Powder you can wax a pair of Cross Country skis!

Next Powder Race Wax is available in 28g or 100g containers with powder applicator. In competition, Next Powder is often used in combination with Next Liquid Wax, or Next Block Race Wax. Suitable for all disciplines.

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