Star Roto-Brush - Nylon - 70mm

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Very soft and fine bristle for working on low melting point waxes, and for delicate film management. Very effective brush for finishing Next Block Wax.

  1. Surface Wax Removal – Not Recommended.
  2. Clean Structure – Effective for Med and Warm waxes.
  3. Film Management – Good for mild film reduction.
  4. Polishing/Finishing – Very good

Rotating Brushes

The Star 70mm modular system is the new standard in Roto tools. The 70mm brush size means you can combine any choice of tools on the 140mm handle to ensure that you have exactly the combination you need with less swapping of brushes. By stacking two of the same tools, you can easily work on alpine or jumping skis. Our tools have a lightweight “air core” frame, helping to keep your wax box lighter.

With the flexibility to create your own “combo” brushes and the light weight of the individual tools the entire system is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility in a lean solution for professional waxers and teams, on the road or at home. Our Next Fluor Free brushes have been developed specifically along with our Next fluoro free race waxes, and ensure the most effective application and finishing of these products.

Our research into fluoro free wax performance indicates that application and film development & management are critical factors in the speed equation. All our Star brushes are appropriate for use with all waxes. You can make your own rules and choose your own favorites! Optimal rotating speed on all brushes is 1500-2200 rpm. For finishing Next liquid with the 22mm Fleece, higher speeds of 3000-4000 rpm are recommended for the most effective film development.

Roto Brushes perform several functions, and each tool is rated for its qualities in each of these functions.

  1. Remove surface wax after scraping.
  2. Clean excess wax from the structure or grind pattern of the base.
  3. Reduce/manage film thickness for finishing waxes.

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