Swix Triac 4.0 IPM Carbon Composite Pole

Size: 140
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Swix Triac 4.0 Aero is the result of continuous research, testing, analysis, experiments and process improvements. Performance and nothing else has been in focus. The new shaft has a complete new cross-section for optimal stiffness and reduced air resistance. Stiffness has been improved by more than 15% in comparison with its predecessor Triac 3.0. Testing in the wind tunnel confirms up to 20% reduction of the drag coefficient in critical areas of the shaft compared to a shaft with a cylindrical cross section. Swix Triac Aero is 100% compatible with the Swix TBS and TCS systems and provides top performance under all possible conditions.

Features: Stiffness: 2 mm Weight of shaft: 56 gr/m Strength 70 kp Weight complete 155 cm pole: 136 gram

Lengths: 135 cm – 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval. Use: For groomed trails, racing, classic and skating

Triac 4.0 Aero is made of high modulus carbon fiber which means the material is extremely light, resilient and strong. This is to provide maximum performance. In order for the product to have the longest possible service life, we do not recommend it for use on e.g. roller skis, as it may then be exposed to stone chips, asphalt, road verges, etc. There are special roller ski poles poles designed to withstand these kinds of impact. Avoid knocks or impacts during transport and under normal use. We strongly recommend the use of our pole bags for the best protection for your poles.

Superior stiffness for better efficiency
Wind drag reduction compared with Triac 3.0 for improved pendulum
Optimized laminate and process control resulting in higher strength
Raw materials with aerospace tolerances to ensure superior consistency

Note: Straps sold separately

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