Swix TS10 Liquid Yellow (+2°C/+10°C) | 50ml

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Swix TS10 Liquid Yellow (+2°C/+10°C) | 50ml

Top Speed 10 liquid yellow is a liquid racing wax with spray-on applicator, that can be used as a stand-alone race wax or as a base for liquids or wool-applied topcoats. TS10L is a wax for very wet conditions when the snow has turned transformed under warm weather conditions. Ideal for spring skiing when the dirt content typically is high, as HS10L attracts less dirt and trail trash from the snow than comparable paraffin waxes. A great choice in warm weather that never underperforms.

Approximately waxes up to 20 pairs of skis.


    • Comes in a 50mL spray bottle
    • Spray wax onto ski, let dry, and polish with a fine nylon brush
    • World cup level wax that is environmentally friendly and easy to use
All Snow Types between 10.0°C and 2.0°C

Recommended for these snow types:

  • Fresh Falling
  • New
  • Transforming
  • Transformed
  • Old
  • Icy
  • Man-Made
Certified Fluor-Free!

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