Swix TSB5 Green (-10C/-18C) | 40g

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Swix TSB5 Green Black, Melt Glider (-10C/-18C) | 40g

The Top Speed Black 5 is the coldest, hardest wax in the TSB line. It's at its best in cold conditions. TS5B is applied with a waxing iron on either snowboard, alpine skis or cross-country skis. This is the highest quality fluor-free racing wax from Swix for this temperature range. It excels in terms of durability when the snow is dirty. This is achieved thanks to the black solid lubricant additive that also reduces friction in very cold or dirty snow. Despite being a wax for cold conditions, the melting point of 160C makes it easier to apply than many competitors in this area, without sacrificing the great glide properties. TSB6 can be used as race wax alone but is often used as a base for liquid or wool-applied topcoats.


    • Comes in a 40g block, or 180g block
    • Iron temperature of 160C
    • Best applied with a high-quality race-waxing iron.

Dirty or Dry Snow between -10.0°C and -18.0°C

Recommended for these snow ages:

  • Transformed
  • Old
  • Icy
  • Man-Made

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Certified Fluor-Free!

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