Vauhti 360 All Temp Liquid Glide | 80ml

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Vauhti`s new 360 wax line up of environmentally friendly products are Vauhti`s latest waxing innovation. The 360 All Temp Liquid Glide wax is an eco-friendly product in environmentally friendly packaging. It is made for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. This easy-to-use liquid glide wax can be used on top of base waxes or alone. For wide temperature range and for variable conditions


    Bottle made of sugarcane based bioplastics.
    • 360 waxes made of natural ingredients (rice, corn, sugarcane, bio-ethanol)
    • These liquids take about 15min to dry before you can begin brushing off excess residue and applying your next coat. Try to apply these waxes the night before for extra durability. The wax continues to cure the longer it sits on the base.


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