Vauhti Skin Care Red (-5 to +10C) | 80ml

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Non-fluorinated SKIN SKI CARE RED has been developed for maintenance of the skin strip of the skin skis. Skin Care Red’s composition improve the glide on warmer and wet snow without effecting the grip -5°C / +10

Effective, but gentle. The present compositions do not comprise aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents as their presence even in small amounts could lead to detachment of the skin strip from the base of the ski.


  1. Clean the skin strip with Skin Ski Clean & Care product.
  2. Shake the bottle well.
  3. Press the sponge lightly against the skin strip and press the bottle lightly, which makes the bottle valve open and the care product will be poured to the sponge. Spread an even layer on the skin strip with back and forth movement. This movement spread the care product smoothly.
  4. Let dry.

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