Vauhti UF LDR Glide Wax 45g

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Package size: 45g | 1.6oz
Operating range: +5/-10°C | 41/14°F

Vauhti UF LDR paraffin glide wax is designed specifically for long distance races (LDR) and events. During long events temperatures and snow conditions can vary dramatically. Precisely selected wax raw materials and high fluorocarbon content guarantees good hydrophobicity, dirt resistivity and durability to UF LDR.
UF LDR has a special ability to bind top coatings into the ski base, which further improves the durability of the top coatings.
• All snow types, especially in old and man-made snow.
• Excellent high-performance glide wax for all kinds of general use, whatever the conditions or distances.
• Improves performance and durability of top coatings.

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