MasterWax Wool Applicator for Drills

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These wool applicators slip over a MasterWax Roto Cork to fleece in MasterWax cold apply waxes. A different applicator is required for each cold-apply wax in your waxbox. Mixing waxes on wools can cause negative performance from different ingredients for different conditions. The Drill Applicators are different size (115mm), than the Engine Applicators (125mm). They fit very snug on the MasterWax Roto Corks and are designed around those corks so they do not fit properly over other Roto Corks. Unlike the Engine Applicators, both ends of the Drill Wool Sleeves are white. We recommend marking the side that you use for wax loading to differentiate the side you use for buffing/polishing.


    This wool applicator fits over the MasterWax roto cork. There is a larger wool applicator that fits the MasterWax motorized machine but this is not it.
    • Make sure to have one wool applicator for each type of wax. Mixing two waxes on the same applicator causes cross-contamination of the wax compounds and can negatively affect performance.


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