Closed for the summer

A heartfelt Thank you to all our customers who supported us in this very challenging winter season. And to all the people who discovered Nordic skiing and snowshoeing for the first time, welcome to our winter wonderland community! Covid may have slowed us down but it will not keep us down – please continue to support all your fabulous local businesses as we all strive to find creative ways to provide service and survive. Check for local online stores as many great local businesses are moving into the online shopping world to support their bricks and mortar stores.

Please continue to wear your mask, stay socially distanced and get your vaccine so next winter season can start to get back to normal ( does anyone remember what that was??)

We are now closed for the summer. Our online store is always open

Please check our website or Facebook page for updates on fall opening and ski swap

Enjoy your summer! See you in the fall!