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Summer Ski Care and Storage Wax
A great way to make your skis faster next winter is very easy and it should become a regular part of your yearly ski maintenance. The number one thing you need to do before you store your skis for the summer is to get some wax into your ski bases.

The problem is that you are excited to get on the bike, or the water of the golf course, and you don’t feel like dealing with your skis. We understand, but we also really encourage you to do this, because it will make a difference in your skis next winter. The following are two easy methods for prepping your skis for the summer season; one is for recreational skis and the other is for race skis.

Performance/Recreational/Touring Skis
• Clean your skis. For classic skis, use a putty knife and wax remover/base cleaner in the grip/kick zone. Once it is clean, tape the grip zone with wide masking tape to protect it while you work on the glide zones.
• Use the hot scrape method for cleaning the glide zones by applying a soft base prep wax or hydrocarbon wax, scrape while warm, allow to cool for 10 minutes and then brush out.
• Iron in a heavy layer of medium-soft wax such as Toko S3 Red or Swix CH7. No need to scrape or brush. Just leave the wax on there and scrape and brush next all. That’s it! You are done! That wasn’t so hard now was it?

Race Skis
• Use the same procedures as above, but with a few additions.
• Clean and tape off your grip zones on your classic skis.
• Consider conditioning and removing any oxidation from your glide zones, by brushing 4-5 passes with a pre-waxing brush like a fine steel brush, bronze or copper brush. Follow this with 8-10 passes with a fibertex pad
• If you have been using HF waxes or powders on your skis, use a fluor glide wax cleaner to remove the fluorocarbons out of your skis
• Clean your skis thoroughly. Repeat the hot scrape cleaning technique until the wax you scrape off your base is clean and free of black specks.
• Iron in a heavy layer of LF Wax, either LF7, or Toko Red or Moly. We use LF Moly as a travel and storage wax because it doesn’t absorb dirt and it makes a great base wax when you are ready to ski. You are done.
***Store your skis in a cooler area, away from dirt that does not have wide temperature fluctuations.

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