Wax Services

  • Standard Wax Service $20.00 plus tax
    Ski base is copper brushed. Glide wax melted and ironed into glide zones, cooled, scraped with acrylic scraper, brushed and polished. On classic skis, grip zone is lighted sanded and if requested a base binder is ironed in.
  • LF Wax Service $30 plus tax
    Includes same service as Standard Wax Service but includes appropriate Low Fluor glide wax. Skis are bushed and polished with horsehair brush.
  • Race Standard Wax Service $45 plus tax
    A full base prep in done to prepared the skis for better wax absorption. Same service as Basic and LF service but includes an application of HF (high Fluor) glide wax, appropriate bushing and polishing.
  • High Performance Race Wax Service $60 plus tax
    Includes full race standard wax service but includes a top coating of appropriate HF powder application to finish skis for best race performance.
  • Hot Box Service $50
    Hot boxing allows skis to absorb more wax than standard ironing by heating the skis and holding them at a controlled temperature for a specific period of time to allow maximum absorption. One layer of soft wax is applied then hot boxed. Once the skis are cooled after hot box treatment, the skis are scraped and brushed. One layer of wax is then applied, scraped and brushed.